PLP Software

Explaination and How to Read PP's
Days off: will be red if more than 60 days. CR last 3 is average last 3 class ratings. Jockey stats will be red if win % is 10 or higher.
Trainer stats will be red if win % is 10 or higher.
Next to the wieght carried will be a red + or - number indicated more or less wieght carried from last race. Horses' lifetimes will be red if 50% in-the-money.
The date will have a blue background if at current track. SR is speed rating the horse ran. Will have a red background if 90+, pink if 80+, blue if 70+, green if 60+. DIST is the distance of the race. Will have pink background if at current race distance. Blue if +/- half furlong. F1, F2 are fractional times. Will have pink background if fast pace, blue for moderate pace, green for mild pace, none for slow pace. FIN is final time of winnner. Will have a green background if on Turf. Time will be red if fast time.
RR is race rating and CR is class rating. Will have red background if highest among the average RR, CR of other horses in race. The more higher the darker red. Blue if 1 point below. Green if 2 points below. Race Type will have red background if Graded, Blue is Allowance, Green for Claiming and Maiden.
E1, E2, LP, SPD are the speed rating for early pace, late pace, and overall. Based on Par ratings for the type of race, ratings will have a red background for each E1, E2, LP, SPD, if above par, blue if at par +/- 1 point, green if 2 points below par. None if below that. The "<" ">" indicates if SPD is higher or lower than race before.
(position / lengths behind leader if not leading) If leading will show by how many lengths. PP is post position. Background colors indicate: Red - leader or less than 1 length behind or lengths ahead. Blue - 1 to 2 lengths behind leader. Green - 3 to 5 lenghts behind. Yellow - 6 to 9 lenghts behind. None 10+ behind. This can help see if the horse is an E, E/P, P, or S horse. Example: if all red backgrounds the horse like to be up front. Jockey background color if current rider. Underlined if different jockey from last. time is an estimated finish time for the horse if not winner. Red if fast time.