PLP Software


U.S. Thoroughbred Handicapping Software

NOTE: The software processes Multi-Cap data files. You will need to buy them from Brisnet or Twin Spires web site. They cost $5.00 for each track/date. You can buy a $20.00 Multicaps Data File Discount Data Plan at Brisnet. For a $20 monthly fee, this plan allows the user to download Multicaps data files for $2 per track/date.

Software creates Past Performances by processing Multi-Caps data files, You will need to buy them from Brisnet or Twin Spires web site, and makes selections based on a handicapping point system that took years to develop and test. The simple and cheapest way to do a pick 4 is to take the top 2 horses in the Points Selections catagory. Example: Mountaineer September 25, 2017 races 6-9 pick 4 would be 2,8/3,7/2,3/3,7 see race PP's below.

Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 see (How to read past performances)
Run the software on AUTO. Select race # open data file to produce past performance and selections. Use top 2 or 3 horses from the Points Selections catagory for that leg of the pick 4 or 5. If you want to add Run Style and Post Positon, use Track Bias Selections. Using Track Bias can increase the percentages of getting the correct horses.

1st run will not have Track Bias Selections. The horses will be striked out. 2nd run will have Track Bias Selections if you choose run-style and post postion.

When you open the data file the software will process the data to create the past performances. It will then shut down and re-open and start processing the data to create the Points Selections. Then it will close, and open the past performances in you default browser. Track Bias Selections will be crossed out because they have not been processed.

If you like the run style and post positon information and want to include them you can open the software and enter "run style" and "post postion" and then for the same race, open data file. The sofware will run again and will have Track Bias Selections. Example: if run style is E/P and post positon is outside, you would click the yellow EP button and then open the data file.

blue is inside, green is middle, yellow is outside