PLP Software

Internet Broadcasting Software
Right-click mouse on blank area of this help page and Refresh this page

You will need to change the 2 items boxed in red to: Stereo Mix & 24kBPS, 22kHz, Mono Once you change the items to above. Click the red close button on BCP to close it. Then reopen the BCP.
This button will close the BCP.

Enter/Save Skype name or number. Schedule your show. Set show length.
Replace Call in number with your Skype name or number. Click "Save call-in #". Select your show length. Options: 0.5 hr - 3.0 hr. Schedule your show. click schedule button. (see below)

Enter your Show Name. Website address if you have one, or leave as is. To select your show start time, click the green link: "click here on how to choose your start time" (see image below). You must select a catagory or your show will not be listed on Mycastlive web site. Select Month and Day of your show. Then Enter a description for that show. NOTE: Do not use any of these symbols: " ' (apostrophy or quotes). Click Update Schedule to submit.

To select your show time, find your Timezone. In the Blue or Red colored rows, find your start time. Example: Pacific 9:00pm. below that is UTC time: 05:00. That is your start time. Click [Go back] to enter that on your schedule.